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Posted by HAL0GUY - December 1st, 2021

So wassup ma fella gamers today I wanted to recommend a bunch of beautiful people on Newgrounds that I think are pretty underrated and 100% deserve more praise followers :) I guess I also made this post because of the posts I did on BBS called proud art of yours. If you wanna show your great artwork you find your best here is the link: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1480636 :) Now let's recommend some fellas you want to follow. Les goo

  1. @Yosos (https://yosos.newgrounds.com/) is a pixel artist like myself who usually makes gifs and in my opinion, his work is great. Some of his animations are really good and I really enjoy them. I am friends with him and he deserves more followers. But it's also your opinion if you enjoy what he does. He actually did something really awesome and drew a lot of his pals and me too. At the moment he is offline due to the lack of actual free time but when he comes back I am sure he will make some of his work :)
  2. @Scissors7 (https://scissors7.newgrounds.com/) Another pixel artist I am friends with on discord. He does amazing pixel art, Super super underrated. A very good artist that deserves a lot more fans. He has 23 fans. Can we get his to 40? I think we can. Now it is also if you like what he does. He usually does guns and army tanks. Sometimes making other different content at times but his animation is insanely GODAMN GOOD!!! So if you like it. You should follow. I would love to see a homie grow in his audience :)
  3. @NxJ (https://nxj.newgrounds.com/) An illustrator that I discovered in my BBS post who is in my opinion PAINFULLY underrated. For what he/she Does He/she Should have hundreds of fans but at the moment he/she just has 21 FANS!!! Just think about that. He's/her art is genuinely incredible and deserves more praise and the art he/she showed me in the thread I did was immaculate. And I hope that he/she will get the followers he/she deserves
  4. @AuraNova (https://auranova.newgrounds.com/) The art he does I incredible and what sucks is that this is the most underrated artist I have seen. I mean it in the sense of how seriously low the audience of this great artist is. At the moment he has 15 fans... THAT IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE. So... You guys should follow him. Because his art is great. I love it a lot. The lighting, colors, line art. All of it is genuinely amazing. And if you like it. Give a follow and spread the love for a homie like him. I also discovered him from my thread

5. @PIXMAwithYOU (https://pixmawithyou.newgrounds.com/) Another great artist with a small audience. Sad in my opinion because I feel like he is just so good at what he does. And what he does is very very good artwork with a great art style. I discovered the homie on his front page art piece which you should check out (https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/pixmawithyou/error-hank-j-wimbleton-exe-doesn-t-found) at the moment he has 33 fans and I want that number to grow. So please if you like his content and art give the guy a follow. Will make me have a smile on my face :)

And that was it. I am very happy to try to support some homies and some cool fellas as much as I can. If any of these guys are reading this I wanna say. I hope you get the attention you deserve :)

I hope that if there is someone that followed some of these people you will probably make my day 100X better because i gave support to my homies :)



This world doesn't deserve people like you!! Thank you very much for recommending me! By the way, I have an Instagram account with the same @

You should link it here

@HAL0GUY https://www.instagram.com/pixmawithyou/?hl=ru here ya go) THX so much again

hey, so just a small thing. The main reason why I haven't posted my celebration for 100 fans (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!) is that I really want more people to see this post than support the homies. So Yeah i will probably post the celebration blog tommorow

yooooo, appreciate the kind words man, thank you, sorry im like a day late i dont open ng often lol

no problem mate. I hope that in any way I supported you. As I personally made this to support underrated amazing creators which includes you :)

ballin individual

thanks ^^

no problem mate :)