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HAL0GUY's News

Posted by HAL0GUY - April 1st, 2021

Today I wanna announce I'm leaving Newgrounds and its sad to say that because I have so many memories about new grounds but I have to leave. I have to go and do something better in my life. I'm sorry if you guys are sad and I'm sorry that I disappointed yall. Love ya and see ya

Posted by HAL0GUY - March 24th, 2021

You know I love Newgrounds and love the community overall. And I decided to make a discord server for it. It's not official and Tom Fulp doesn't have anything to do with it. It's more of a fan/community server than an official discord server for it.

Discord link https://discord.gg/hT94qmtf

Enjoy your stay!!!

Posted by HAL0GUY - February 23rd, 2021

Yesterday. After a whole 5 years of radio silence from Daft Punk. They officially made their announcement of their end with the video ''Epilogue"

They were my fav artists. With bangers like one more time, harder, better, faster, stronger, and alive 1997. These are classics that even now hold up after a decade and more. And seeing their end be this fast and steady is just insane. And I wanna announce that I'm making a daft punk tribute pixel art for their death and for their music. Love ya and see ya

and don't forget. Be better faster and stronger this year peeps :)


Posted by HAL0GUY - January 20th, 2021

today is pixel day 2021. And I want to announce that I'm not gonna be on the pixel day 2021. Sorry but hey, no problem. Love ya and see ya

Posted by HAL0GUY - January 9th, 2021

I haven't made pixel art in a long and I'm sorry if you were waiting for me to post. I have been so inactive on anything really. Discord, YouTube, Twitter, or Newgrounds. And also that means I also didn't do pixel art and all of that, and I'm sorry for that. I was thinking 2021 will be a better even bigger year for me but I have been inactive for longer than I should and also I have school so that is even worse. And again, When I'm trying to draw something in pixel art I just don't have any ideas on what to do. So if you are reading this pls comment on something you like me to draw. I have no ideas. Love ya and see ya when I have enough time to make pixel art and other things :)

Posted by HAL0GUY - December 31st, 2020

happy new year everyone. This year was the worst and best year for me. Worst for everything that has happend and best because i started this newgrounds account and got 12 followers (thank you so much). This year has been full of bad and good things. And i just wanna say. I thank you guys. Im not lying. Im trying to fake a emotion. i thank the ones who have followed. The ones that view. The ones that loved my art. The ones that commented. The ones that disliked and the ones that read this. Love ya and see ya in 2021

Posted by HAL0GUY - December 25th, 2020

Im back agian. And now i will not take a break and will be more active. Also Merry christmas to all of u amazing people.

Posted by HAL0GUY - December 6th, 2020

Horray we did it. All of you are great people the followers and non followers. I now just woke up and im happy to say that this is great. Also for the ones named Nicolas or any nicole name like that i hope you have a amazing day of name (i live in romainan and we have sait Nicolas so yeah) You people are legends. Love ya and see ya

Posted by HAL0GUY - December 4th, 2020

Yes again... A break. But im pretty active this time so I won't really be offline for this Christmas break so if you want to you can message me. And I will try to respond. This is because of the last art I will posting this year and then 2021 will come. If you don't know what is the art that I last posted it was the tribute for flash and Newgrounds. As you know that at the end of this year this beauty of a program will never have more support and adobe will kill it. So I have to give my F and say ,,you were a good friend". I just hope you guys have a great Christmas and a good start for the year 2021. See you next year. Actually on Dec 31 cause there I will give a new year pixel art so be ready. And yeah love ya and see ya

Posted by HAL0GUY - November 26th, 2020

Hello. Today its thanksgiving day (THANKS GIVING DAY YAAAAY :D) And i wanted to give all my thanks on scrungis, a creator who I have known for a while (i have never talked to her but i feel like she could be a really cool person) I just thank her for her art. And her efforts in art. I hope her a happy thanks giving. I hope her a nice Christmas and a nice thanks giving day. (Also i had a old account that i watched what scrungis did and her art) Also when i saw that she was on the art trade for Christmas that was great and i immedially putted my avatar on it (also there are diffrent people that will be making art) scrungis-y2k support her. She is great. Love ya and see ya