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HAL0GUY's News

Posted by HAL0GUY - June 26th, 2021


when I first joined Newgrounds I thought this would be a one-time thing. In the sense of me posting 10-pixel arts then being offline soon after. But in reality, I got hooked and I am very happy to be here. With all my fans and friends on this site being one the most down-to-earth people I could see. I am just happy to now be a part of this community. A very small part but a part nonetheless. And I am happy to see the immense support I get when I post art or interact with the community more and more. It's just such a beautiful thing to see people look at my art criticize it. Helping me make my work better for all the eyeballs to see and appreciate it. I also want to do more stuff. I want to do more voice acting and aswell more blogs just talking with you my community. Newgrounds in a way took me to a place I now call home and a place that makes me sometimes feel accepted. In my dark days, I would enter on Newgrounds and just talk and play and comment and do all that. Even if I dont enter in a lot of contests. I will always follow every single one of them. As well I want to recommend more people you should look towards. Kinda just recommending:


@HeyPixel: great pixel artist. I appreciate and follow her work. She should get more followers in my opinion. And she posts most of the time. Would really love for you to check her out.

@wobwobrob: A musician and artist. I personally love his work. His art can change a lot. But that's why he is underrated and his music is amazing overall. Follow the guy and check his work. Deserves a lot more followers

@TheNewgroundsPodcast: Here it isn't specifically a user or an artist but more of multiple people (being that it's a podcast). As well the Newgrounds podcast is a good one at that, featuring a fuck ton of amazing voice actors, artists, and users overall. (featuring @Xinxinix, @VoicesByCorey @PsychoGoldfish @Will, and much more) They sometimes feature creators like ninja muffin and dogl. The podcasts are entertaining as hell and deserve so much love. You should check not only the podcast but also the creators I talked about down below. They are amazing creators I recommend hearing them talk and follow them

@EmperorNeuro: A NSFW creator but one I can appreciate as his work is very good and feels natural. Now I understand that people will still say that he is still an NSFW creator but in my opinion a great creator nonetheless (And also it's not because he is following me, its because I like his art, and I want you to check it out and follow)

@MANtikora: This user is a 3D animating artist I find is incredibly underrated. Yes, he is followed by the creator of madness and the creator of this site but he isn't even 1K followers and I believe that he deserves it fully. You should of course check his shit up. It's very high quality and deserves a follow


I am very happy to talk about and recommend all these artists. And to my audience, yes my audience is small but I would appreciate every single one of you who even looked at a drawing of mine. It's great to recommend some users that you, my audience could check out and possibly love. And if you have a recommendation for me just comment down below. I might check it out. Love ya and see ya


Posted by HAL0GUY - June 18th, 2021

I am back. I thought I would stay there for 10 days. But in reality, I just stayed 2 days. As my foot is recovering fast. That means I can finally post art (: So yeah new art coming soon

Posted by HAL0GUY - June 14th, 2021

Dont be scared my fellow gamers. I am fine at the moment at a hospital in my home town because I have broken my foot. It was impossible for me to walk. As I fractured a bone in my foot, but don't be scared, good old HAL0 will never leave Newgrounds. I am just leaving for a couple of weeks so I can take care of my foot. Also, don't worry about me. As I am now at the hospital. I grabbed my laptop with me so I can look at the new E3, so yeah. Love ya and see ya in the couple weeks I guess

Posted by HAL0GUY - June 1st, 2021

Yeah. That is gonna be what I'm gonna do, I will always make pixel arts but I also wanna make new stuff like the animation series I'm trying to do. As well I wanted to be a voice actor for a long time but life came in the way and I forgot about it. Also because of the VA collab 2021 that happened like the last 2 days, I think and for the people who were worried about me in the last blog, I did. Dont worry about me, I have been more relaxing, listening to Kanye. More pixel art coming soon

Posted by HAL0GUY - May 26th, 2021

I just wanted to talk with all of you About my mental health. Now I haven't really posted new art for a long time for my mental health and depression I'm in due to a loved one dying. I really just want to say that I hope everyone is ok. And hope everyone is having a good time. And no I'm not leaving Newgrounds. Newgrounds is my fav site of all time. And it will stay this way. I want you all tho to understand my feelings and sadness at the moment. I know this is Newgrounds. But for me, it's more. And I hope you all can understand that. Peace and good night


Posted by HAL0GUY - May 15th, 2021

I'm closer and closer to 100 drawings on Newgrounds. Now I'm just at 99. One more drawing and I'm about to hit the 100th drawing milestone I have been waiting for my first time on the site. First I'm grateful that you, my fans stayed here with me even when I'm offline. Second. After my 100th drawing, I wanna recommend some ng accounts that in my opinion are heavily underrated. And third, the 100th will be very special. I know that this isn't as big as a follower mile stone but in my opinion it's still important to me. And I think you folks have been waiting for it


Posted by HAL0GUY - April 30th, 2021

Happy birthday Tom Fulp and also it's PIco day!!! Very great day today. :)

Posted by HAL0GUY - April 19th, 2021

Yeah. Thanks for the 30 fans. Now I gotta do NSFW art. Well, I gotta do what I gotta do. See you in some weeks

Posted by HAL0GUY - April 19th, 2021

While waiting for 30 fans I wanna announce that I'm working on a big animation project and will ask a couple of friends and big people in the Newgrounds community for some help. I will be making a series that interviews NGs characters like pico and tankmen. Every single episode we will interview an NG character with very dark and weird jokes. If anyone wants to help just message your animation skills. I'm gonna be a writer and an animator at some parts. And I will ask multiple people for character permission so no copyright issues. Love ya and see ya mate

Posted by HAL0GUY - April 19th, 2021

We are at 29 fans at the moment. One more fan and I'm drawing NSFW art of a character. I'm kinda scared but I'm gonna do it because of the 10 new fans I got. Thanks for it. I really appreciate it